Friday, December 5, 2008

Max Payne - The Movie - Totally Fulfilling!

There could not have been a better tribute to the path breaking, trend setter in the video game world. I am simply stunned by the sheer amount of closeness the movie makers have made with the actual game.  

I am one of the many millions of people who got hooked up to shooter games after playing Max Payne. The main force that drove me to keep playing the game was its cinematic approach. The game had excellent cut scenes and wonderful narration with some great dialog.   

To watch all that as a movie starring one of my favorite – Mark Wahlberg was just amazing.  
You would not believe the level of attention to detail given to each and every aspect of the game. Be it the camera work, or the lighting or the sounds, even the way Max limps when he is down in health – Everything! Every Single Thing!  

I seriously don’t know how this movie would mean to anybody who has not played the game, but for Fans of the game – this would be a real treat. 

I was waiting to watch each and every feature which made the game such a great hit and when they come up they just leave you in awe.   

It has everything used so cleverly - The Bullet Time mode, the puzzle sequences in between chapters, the weapons – and they used my favorite pump action shotgun the most! You should watch the scene where Max takes a dose of the Valkyr drug himself – simply superb.  

And for people who are wondering why the movie finishes with just the end of BB, wait till after the credits roll.  

The bottom line is – this is a terrific movie with great action, music and style. I would give it a straight 10 on 10 and would strongly recommend this movie to all.