Sunday, June 2, 2013

Texas Chainsaw 3D

I had wanted to watch this movie for months and finally I got some time today to watch it only to laugh out loud smothering my frustration on how the film makers have ruined a cult classic franchise.

It is becoming more and more common these days especially with the technological advancements in the name of 3D which has only brought out a great amount of distraction among movie makers. They stupidly believe that 3D effects and a few moments of cheap thrills and some eye candy voluptuous female casts would get the viewers to enjoy the movie...

Texas Chainsaw 3D is the best example and I for one fan of the original movie and the sequel watched it as a normal movie at home which even took off what I feel as the only aspect the film crew had focused on.

The story was so bad, clich├ęd and morbidly boring and watching the characters play and do their roles made me to think that probably the director was trying to give us a SPOOF movie??

Come on man, how stupid can your characters be? A story teller should know his audience. Even kids nowadays do not believe in fairy tales and uncommon, unnatural characterizations.

The sheriff holding a gun up against his chest and just viewing a brutal murder at the climax, the adopted girl writing MURDERERS on the photos of the people who killed a family that was protecting a murderer, and then running away to team up with the chainsaw murderer who even tried to kill her for the majority of the time... how much more ridiculous can it get?

At the end of the movie, I was sad not because it ended... but because I felt deeply insulted as a horror movie fan. And I came to know that this was the first installment of a series from the same team!!! God save the movie watching fraternity.