Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why is it that I just cant get to like some fantasy movies?!?

I tried to watch Legend of the Guardians, could not go past half the movie. Maybe I was not focussing, maybe I was not in a mood to watch a movie. But on a Saturday morning that is what I do! Still if I cant enjoy the movie, I dont know why! No offence meant towards Zack Snyder - '300' is one of the BEST movies ever. And I am seriously looking forward to his rumored Superman movie. That is the reason why I want to enjoy this one - but cant!!!

But I have had the same experience with a few other movies in the past. And there seems to be a pattern. I was never able to watch any of the Narnia movies. Honestly I tried, tried hard after my sister was raving about it. Still I just could not. Never found it interesting! I just saw the FIRST Harry Potter movie because one of my friends literally was breathing down my neck making me read it. I did not enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean except for of course Johnny Depp. I never even gave the LOTR a try! I could not even stand the commercials! I remember going to the theaters to watch this movie - Pan's Labryrinth. While every one of my friends liked it, I could not stay awake for more than 20 minutes through the movie. Same thing - Till this day I have not been able to stay awake watching ANY of the Tim Burton movies!

Is it just that I do not like some sort of animated movies? NO!!! I love Shrek and the Ice Age and almost every Pixar movie. The Incredibles was really incredible. On the same day that I could not bear to watch the Legend of Guardians, I watched Alpha and Omega and found it SO VERY ENJOYABLE! The week before I saw Despicable Me which I found to be fantastic! Also by being a BIG COMIC BOOK buff, I enjoyed the Warner Brother creation of Batman, Superman and the Justice League and keep watching them over and over again. I liked the way they made Batman, my favorite superhero - especially with all the dark theme and cold voice and the stylish way in which he keeps vanishing like a ghost. I think that was what Christopher Nolan took off from in his amazing Batman Returns and Dark Knight.

So the bottomline is this, instead of trying to research why I did not enjoy some of the movies, I just have them with me, because at some point I might be able to see what others see - the class in all those movies. I am sure they would be averaging above 7 or 8 on IMDb. Its just a matter of time before I start loving them...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Favorite Ad Quotes - Progressive - Flo with the Mumbo Jumbo Old Man

I usually post my favorite movie quotes, but this one I could not resist because I love this ad and never miss to see it. Everytime I find it as funny as ever:
All the gibberish and total old folk talk. Hilarious!

Dont want to deal with a lot of flibitty flab or mumbo jumbo.No Gobbledygook?
Do I still get all the Dagnabbit coverage I need?
This thing is Okey McSmokey Skiddley Doo!
But finally, Flo wins it with her CUTE - "Oh....Still not sure...."