Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gran Torino - Yet another great movie from Dirty Harry!

Gran Torino Clint Eastwood

After watching Million Dollar Baby and quite a few other Clint Eastwood movies, I went with the expectation of a sad finish. Probably that took away the surprise element for me. But he himself gave it away in one of the scenes by reading his horoscope predictions. So let me say that maybe I already knew the climax.

But this movie was so enjoyable just because of Clint Eastwood and some good supporting cast. His energy level simply surprises me! Truly a living legend he is. Amazing acting and at the same time charmingly funny. He growls like a scruffy dog when he gets angry but he is a good guy. Ahney Her is so pretty and does a very good job.

Yet another great movie from our beloved Dirty Harry!

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - Amazing! Most Powerful movie seen in recent times

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas - Schmuel
I recently have been watching a lot of war movies and before I entered to watch this movie, I was like - "Oh no not another war history movie!".  

But things just turned the other way around in just a few minutes into the movie. I still don't know anything about the director or the crew but this movie shoulders with Spielberg's masterpiece - "Schindler's List". All that, without visually showing any violence.  

This movie has got such power! So well written, with very little dialog - but very effective. The holocaust as seen by an innocent eight year old kid, who is confused from what he hears and sees around. Every bit of this movie right from the beginning keeps adding up to a truly stunning climax. The characters have been so well enacted and shows different kinds of people with different views about the War and the tactics. People who disapprove of it, a small girl who blindly begins to patronize and a soldier who is torn apart between his family and reputation. This gives the story the essence of reality.  

The casting is fantastic be it the Mother of Bruno, the Jewish Doctor, Bruno himself and especially Schmuel. This one is the most powerful movie I have seen in recent times, if not ever.

The Alphabet Killer - Annoying Bland Comical

Bland is the right word to describe this movie. Absolutely nothing interesting, nothing new and a cruelly stupid plot.

Eliza Dushku is pretty but that is all she is. In most parts of the movie she walks and talks like a zombie. Not sure if that is how delusional people would behave, but her performance looks comical. And since the whole movie circles around her, she single handedly manages to bring the entire movie down. 

I really hope to see her cast in a better and more suitable role.

This is one such movie where everything looks bad, right from the acting, music, script, dialog, plot – everything.

I was shaking my head and hoping to see the movie end at some point. 

Stay away from this one – unless you want to totally waste your time.

Dimples - Awful Movie. Keep away

Awful. Truly Bad! 

It would be a crime to recommend this one. Got fooled by the name and some stupid reviews. 

Absolutely no twist, exceptionally poor acting. LAME LAME LAME!

Nothing seems to be fine - music is bad, voices sound distant. Story just makes you impatient. I was really hoping to see something big towards the climax, but there wasn't any at all. 

Apparently I was happy to see the credits roll as I could not have tolerated the boredom any further.

Keep away from this movie!

Ring of Death - Just not strong enough

Saw this one yesterday after reading the plot line. I was hoping for something similar to Prison Break but with a lot of action.

This could have been made with a lot more effectiveness. Cop goes into prison as a convict to nab a bunch of crooks who run a fighting tournament and stream it Live on the internet - old wine in a new bottle. 

Still it could have been handled better. Weak dialogs and ineffective editing, only shows that very little effort has been spent on the script. 

Stunt scenes look powerful but that alone cant lift the whole thing up.

Johnny Messner does a clean job - cannot complain about him. 

I was looking for something similar to Prison Break mashed up with some Urban Fight but sadly, the fight was present but the shrewdness of the Prison Break series was totally missing.

Righteous Kill - Great Movie - Enjoyable

Enjoyed every minute of the movie. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are simply great together. Nice story telling, though the twist was quite predictable for regular movie watchers. 

But still, very well handled with some good dialog and excellent narration. Excellent performances from both the veterans. De Niro is just superb when he has his emotional outbursts.

Everyone seems to have done their job perfectly in this movie and even when you know what is coming towards the end, you would want to see how it is told.

Has everything - action, sex and some cold blooded bent cop action.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Burn After Reading

One real funny and enjoyable movie. Great star cast and it is lovely to see them all in these odd situations. Life just goes from bad to worse to ALL the characters  in the movie and they are sll so intricately connected, and as aptly mentioned in the movie itself everything spins into a cluster fuck.

The movie has a lot of murders, a lot of bad language and a lot of odd situations where people can get into. It is nice to see Brad Pitt and George Clooney show some great comical skills. If you can see a murder scene but still realize the cause and consequences of the murder, you sure would find this movie funny.

It is an adult movie by all means, almost everyone sleeping with one another, but it is so well handled that it is really entertaining and makes you think a lot as you watch. The script full of interconnected characters, and some good dialog keeps the movie alive till the end.

I am sure a lot of people would dismiss this movie as plot-less, but I tell you this is one real intelligent movie and the Coen brothers stand up to their reputation!

9 on 10!