Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Favorite Movie Quotes - Out of Time

Out of TimeThe dialogue I enjoyed the most among many from the movie 'Out of Time'.

Ann Marie Harrison (Sana Lathan) married to her abusive husband, Chris Harrison (Dean Cain) gets it going with her sympathizing high school friend - the present day Chief of Police - Mattias Lee Whitlock (Denzel).

When Chris gets suspicious, he confronts Matt and here is the dialogue from this high octane scene:

Chris: Next time that little pussy comes around...

Matt: Little pussy?

Chris: Sure. The guy scurries out the back door the second he hears my voice.

Matt: "Scurried"?

Chris: Yeah. You know, I could almost respect a man who had the balls to confront me, tell me, "Yeah, I'm banging your wife."

Matt: Maybe this.. this ..this guy,maybe there's nothing he would rather do than, you know, to tell you that you're a lousy husband and that you don't deserve Ann.
Maybe there's nothing he would rather do than to walk up to your face, look you right in the eye, and say to you, "Chris, I'm banging your wife...Good!"
Maybe, you know, maybe...maybe your wife won't let him.

Chris: I'd respect him at least.And if he did that, then I'd go up to him, look him in his eye, and I'd say - "Just come near her again...and I'll kill you."

Matt: Wow. You're talking to the wrong guy, because as a police officer...I can't let you go around threatening people's lives. If you're serious, I would be obligated to do something.

Chris: Really?

Matt: That's right.Thanks for the beer...and the conversation.

Chris: Thanks for listening.

Matt: You give Ann my best,...if you can.

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