Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Cousin Vinny

I watched this movie for the first time last week on TBS. And I have watched it on almost everytime it was played again. I dont know how I never came across this classic movie earlier. It is a brilliant comedy and Joe Pesci is fantastic and so is the ENTIRE cast. Seriously - its extremely rare to find a movie in which EVERY single character big or small, performing this well.

Just watch this scene, notice the judge, the members of jury, the witnesses, the defendants as the defense counsellor spews his opening statement. Hilarious!!!

After Joe Pesci, if I was asked to pick the next best funniest character in the movie, I would blindly choose the Judge played by Fred Gwynne. Every single line of his dialog, however simple it may be, he delivers it in such an enjoyable manner. Just watch him deliver this simple line - "Counsellor... your statement sir."

I enjoy movies with courtroom scenes. Most of the movies I have in this blog would be mainly because of that. BUT a movie where the courtroom itself is made the stage for all the humor - WOW! The movie is every bit as intelligent as funny it is.

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