Saturday, December 25, 2010


This movie is in most peoples bottom of the list 2010 movies not without reason. It shamelessly begs, borrows AND steals from almost every alien movie made so far. Even the music lacks originality. Just like most of the others, I watched it ONLY to see the CGI and that is All that I got. So I cant complain about that. But I had lowered my expectations, thats why.

Kids who do not care about the script or the story or the class and just want to watch some gleaming graphics and some gruesome alien fighting would probably watch this movie.

Too many technically incorrect g;itches and potholes in the script. And totally uninteresting story telling. This movie really sucks bigtime. In the climax they showed some signs of continuing this into a sequel! If that is true it is only the height of audacity!

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