Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1408 - My All Time Favorites #3

My all time favorite horror/psychological thriller movie. I usually like this genre of movies, even the bloody gory ones like Quentin Tarantino’s “Hostel” or the “Saw” pentalogy (btw, Saw VI is coming up later this year, Yay!!).

But 1408 is undoubtedly the best. There is not a single scene that shows any real zombie or spooky creatures or screaming mutants. It is entirely psychological; people who enter into this room get delusional and start hallucinating.

Samuel Jackson does a splendid job of laying the ground work for a great dare devil ride – that is the rest of the movie. I personally could easily relate myself with John Cusack’s character. Everything that is shown in the movie would neatly fall in place.

The reaction of a character to a given situation – the way they talk and the way they respond is what makes a good script stand outside from the rest, and this is one such movie where the script was perfectly written.

One of the best photography in movies of this type, it does not get too dark nor too bright; just the right amount of light that sets the mood of the movie throughout.

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