Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last Chance Harvey

A really pleasant romantic movie. When almost everything and everyone you knew lets you down, even when you are old, even when you feel guilty of your past – still you can fight and win any challenge that life has to offer. Hoffman plays a man who had abandoned his family for his profession but never reached the heights he anticipated in it either.

He is in the verge of losing his job, his ex-wife and his daughter are really not so proud of him. His daughter wants her step dad to give her on her wedding. Hoffman has reached the rock bottom of his life, and looks completely belittled. But he learns to adapt and work on it and is pulled into the life of a woman whom he met at the airport.

Dustin Hoffman really carries the movie all by himself. That being said, the rest of the cast have done a very decent job too. A smooth script sprinkled with some naturally funny dialogs, colorful photography and mild music, this is the kind of movie which, at the end, leaves you with a big smile and your heart filled with a lot of pleasantness.

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