Friday, May 1, 2009

Philadelphia - My All Time Favorites #1

I got so bored watching some of the more recently released movies that I thought it is not even worth mentioning them in my space here. So I decided to start a new string listing my All Time Favorite movies - the ones that I would watch whenever, wherever and any number of times.

Philadelphia - It is the kind of movie that discusses a touchy subject but in the most decent, yet powerful manner. I don’t think anyone else could have performed the role better than Tom Hanks. This is the movie which made me a big fan of Denzel Washington. 

Excellent screenplay - especially the transformation of Denzel that makes him look at the objective fact that a law has been broken despite all his personal opinions about homosexuals.

The movie is actually built on him - an average man, who cannot and does not, want to see or know, how gay people happen to be what they are. The very thought of such men makes him feel sick – but he goes on to take a homosexual as a client. A homosexual who has intercepted the deadly dreaded disease – AIDS.

Great dialogs as it deals with a big bunch of smart ass lawyers – but Denzel outsmarts them all. There are some really nice moments for Denzel – the scene where he hands the summons, the court scene where he counter attacks about the lesions – he proves it that he is ‘The’ man.

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