Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It is a documentary movie all right, but it did not bore me with some glum topic like Global Warming or some alleged conspiracy. It talks about God, Religion, Faith and Government - about the tacit idiocy of the politicians who govern the country in the name of God.

Bill Maher mercilessly ridicules almost every major religion – pointing out the incoherent beliefs that form as a base for most decisions made by people. He questions a vast bunch of such people about things that they deeply believe in and asks them questions which, an ordinary person like me would think twice or thrice and would finally decide not to ask.

His sarcasm would have certainly hurt a lot of people. It is like some of the arguments I have with my Mom, where she would simply stand up and leave, calling my all my opinions as blasphemy.

There are so many things in every religion that have not been proven – things which I am sure can never be proved, ever. I personally believe that history is nothing but a story being told. Story told by humans - of what they saw, heard or believed. We can see in our day to day life how different incidents are told in many different ways, how rumors and gossips spread. Given this fact, how can anyone be positively sure that every thing given in the religious books happened the same exact way? I would like to quote a line from the movie – The Man from Earth – “The truth is very very simple”.

After all, these religious books were written by humans. I have witnessed so many people who tend to exaggerate and over glorify a simple incident, probably to gain attention or maybe to make themselves feel special or important. This is normal human tendency.

Most of these works, which spans across centuries and contain many incidents which cannot be reasoned with logic, could have been such things. It is totally the freedom of an individual to believe whatever he/she wants. But when the magnitude of such beliefs decides the way the government functions, that’s a problem.

If you are a fair-minded person, open to discuss your faith or absence of it, without any prejudice, you would enjoy this movie.

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